Weyrhome is an AU canon Pern site set during the end of the 4th Interval. Focused partially upon High Reaches Weyr, marks and politics play significant roles, while slice of life and other small events can be just as important as what takes place within, and outside of, the frozen Spires.

18+ Only
Jcink Prem.

Post Info
Turn & Pass
1249 of I4

Posting Months
Post Disaster at HRW
m12 d22-24

Disaster at JWH
m12 d22 (d21 HRW pm time)

As usual, any and all backdated threads before the above events are very welcome at either locations.

Season m12
[ HRW / JWH ]
Late Winter / Late Summer

Weather m12
High Reaches
No one will be able to anticipate the agonizingly cutting to the bone temps as the end of winter commences...

Surprisingly comfortable, not as humid as it could be considering all the rain passing through.

The weyrlings of Varaswith's preamture clutch arrive at the hatching grounds of High Reaches Weyr.

Refugees from Jordan Weyrhold begin to depart, and arrive, at High Reaches Weyr.

Coming Soon!



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Current Events
The place to stop for all the latest pieces of site news, announcements, other current events, and more!
5 13 Jul 2 2018, 10:38 AM
In: Earthquake Information
By: Slasher
Where you'll want to go before creating your characters. This forum contains everything you need to know about the site, rules, and canon.
Subforums: About Our Pern

19 0 Jul 1 2018, 12:58 PM
In: Jordan Hatchling Information
By: Sacred Fig
Site Development
Sometimes the admins will post threads here pertaining to certain aspects of the site and its developments to allow members to share their opinions on. Also contains sub-forums for members to submit ideas for plots and general site development, and for members and guests alike to post questions and feedback.
Subforums: Site Plots & Ideas, Discussions, Questions & Feedback

3 5 Jul 1 2018, 11:55 PM
In: Our Little Brains
By: Sacred Fig
OOC Forums
The OOC forums of the site, for members to post any ooc threads including away notices, introductions, forum and posting games, and non-site related discussions. Any site contests, games, and events will be posted here in "The Carnival" sub-forum.
Subforums: The Carnival, Forum Games, Hello & Farewell

13 45 Jul 13 2018, 01:57 AM
In: Project Egg & Dragon
By: Tewkes
Advertising & Affiliating
This is the only place on the site where advertising should take place. This is a guest friendly forum.
Subforums: Advertisements, Affiliation Requests

27 1 Yesterday at 03:10 am
In: INFIDELIS: A Modern Day Str...
By: IF Staff

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Character Creation
Everything you need to create, and post, your characters for approval.
Subforums: WIPs, Concepts

17 77 Jul 16 2018, 05:20 PM
In: Face Claims
By: Hawke
The People of Pern
All approved characters can be found here.
Subforums: Dragonriders, Weyrlings, Crafters, Candidates, Non-Riders, NPCs, Inactive, Deceased

107 50 Yesterday at 09:12 pm
In: Ruvaree/Ruby
By: Cas
Plotting & Development
This forum is set up for things such as plotting, off screen mating flights, other miscellaneous plotting bits, tracking of characters and threads, and the posting of wanted ads.
Subforums: Wanted Ads, Trackers

54 105 Today at 12:08 am
In: Cas' Tracker
By: Cas
Records Room
All the lists, character references, census records, and anything detailing the characters in general, can be found here.
6 8 Jun 19 2018, 04:05 AM
In: Census - Member Directory
By: Copperpaper

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Built out of an ancient caldera, High Reaches could be described as rather unique in structure and environment. At one end rise a famous set of seven spires from which the Weyr receives its name, and the bowl itself contains no trees. During the all too brief summer months very little has a chance to grow, and everything seems to give way to frigid cold and ice that the territory is more well known for.
Subforums: Feeding Grounds, Dragon Infirmary, Weyrling Barracks

10 82 Yesterday at 04:39 am
In: as the dust settles around us
By: Zakkai
Dining Cavern & Kitchens
A pair of large, spacious caverns make up the combined dining cavern and kitchens. The dining cavern is exceptionally large and luxurious, filled with a variety of tables and chairs; it offers plenty of room for many people to move around or sit at once. The kitchens are well ventilated, allowing for the release of steam and smoke during the cooking process. Attached are storage rooms for food and dishes alike. Both seem to be a buzz of activity regardless of the time of day, and food and drink is always available.
14 137 Jul 16 2018, 04:52 PM
In: Tubers and Tears
By: Sidonis
Lower Caverns
The lower caverns are filled with naturally, and artificially, formed caves and tunnels, some of which are rarely explored due to how difficult it is to get to them. They make up most of the space of the Weyr and are home to the majority of the Weyr's non-riding populace and its dragon candidates. They contain an assortment of living quarters and storage rooms, bathing caverns, the infirmary, and other assorted areas.
Subforums: Candidate Dorms, Infirmary, Hot Springs

20 108 Today at 02:18 am
In: Vanity Fair
By: Taleisin
Dragonrider Weyrs
Many of the residences of the Weyr are reachable by dragon, though some are accessible thanks to a series of stairs that were once, long ago by the ancients, carved in the inner walls of the Weyr. Luxury doesn't belong to just those of rank, but can also be obtained by those who are able to fling around the proper number of marks around, meaning that a greenrider with enough is just as capable of having a residence with a private bathing chamber as a bronzeriding Wingleader. Weyrlings who have reached their ninth month are able to select a weyr of their own.
11 81 Yesterday at 02:01 am
In: Where you at, dragon?
By: V'tor
Hatching Grounds
Located in a well heated, and very spacious, cavern are the hatching grounds of the dragons. There are several ways to gain access to them, one by air for dragons, and a few others by land for humans. Along the upper edges of the walls are ledges for dragons to watch, while carved in lower portion of the cavern are seats for human spectators to watch. Attached to the cavern are goldrider weyrs for when their dragons are on the sands for eggs, though rarely have there been instances when more than one gold has been on the sands at one time.
9 60 Today at 03:34 am
In: Splish Splash Slap
By: Th'ran

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High Reaches Protectorate
The various lands, bodies of water, and settlements that make up the Weyr Protectorate. The Weyr takes as much care of its territory as it does their own home, and it shows from both the ground and the air. From within this forum, site mating flights will also take place, regardless of whether or not they happen within the Weyr's airspace.
Subforums: The Crafthall, Ista Island

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Jordan Weyrhold
Located at the mouth of the Jordan River in the South, its a small Weyrhold funded by High Reaches Hold that has, in recent Turns, become as much of a home for the people that inhabit it as it is a rehab facility for the sick and injured that are sent there.
Subforums: Main Complex, Domed Cave, Lands of Jordan

72 447 Yesterday at 11:14 pm
In: [PLOT] Tabula Rasa
By: Unknown
The Southern Continent
Any part of the part of the Southern Continent, whether explored or not. The South is a very dangerous place, and the alert level for explorations is always set at high amounts - no one is allowed to go without prior notice or preparations.
2 26 Jun 19 2018, 12:54 AM
In: fishing for fun
By: P'rin

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